Wednesday, August 29, 2007


What a day!!!!! Even though the preschooler we had scheduled to evaluate this morning stood us up, I was busy every second of the day...then I come home to some controversy on one of my news lists. What caused the controversy is not that important - just call it preferences ...what matters to me is that one of my friends was hurt by it, hard feelings were stirred up by it, and it is just unnecessary. Even more unnecessary was that my co-mom on the list is dealing with the illness of a close family member and really doesn't need this sort hassle on the list and in her inbox. It hurts my heart when something like this happens on a list, and then people start trying to stir the pot. I think it hurts my Heavenly Father's heart, too.

As a Christian woman, I believe that I am accountable for my words and actions - even though you reading this probably do not know me personally, it is up to me to let Christ show through my actions. I just pray that in my REactions to this situation today, that I did that. I didn't want be honest, my humanity and flesh just wanted to jump up in someone's face...but by God's grace I didn't. That's one of those things I also have to credit my husband for being part of. When something like this happens and I have to deal with it in an administrative capacity, after venting at my computer a minute, I settle down and pray about it. I formulate my response, reread it, pray over it, and then, when I am wise, ask my husband to read it.

I thank God for my Godly, beautiful husband. His kindness and thoughtfulness has tempered my impetuosity more than once and kept me out of deep dog doo (weren't expecting that, were ya?).

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