Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Astros....changes - finally!

I like Phil Garner.....*really* I do - I admired him as a player, and like his personality and style...but as a manager, sometimes I had a really hard time understanding him....And don't even get me started on Tim Purpura....oy.

Morgan Ensberg would start getting a hot bat - he'd sit him down....what's up with that? And when Morgan struggled, they eventually ended up getting rid of him, and he got two homeruns in ONE game (however I do believe this move was God's will for the Ensberg family - the interview I heard him in he sounded so excited about going back *home* - they are such a sweet Christian couple, though; his wife has been a guest host on the local Christian radio station here in Houston - you can listen to it on the web, by the way - ksbj.org - AWESOME station!).

It got so that for a while you couldn't count on the line-up looking anything like it did the day before ....now, there's shaking things up, and then there's making people so insecure that they cannot do their jobs - creating tension...unfortunately, I think this was a by-product of some of the management decisions that were made. I do know this....the new management team has a hard row to hoe...but really, when you're in the cellar, there is only one direction that counts, at least - and that's up. I still have confidence that they can at *least* haul themselves out of the cellar before the end of the year! It will take more time, however, to build our minor league feeders into strong potential major league players.

(And whether they do, or not - I will still remain an Astros fan!)

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