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Sunday, August 31, 2008

On being positive

I went to a friend's blog this morning to read her updates on the kitchen remodel they are undergoing, and I was struck (stricken?... nah - struck, I think :) by her spirit.

So many women today engage in husband bashing on the internet - why not, we think? He won't be reading those posts to the scrapbook or stamping groups I'm on, will he? (Um, no). So why is this a bad idea?

Well - we all DO need friends to whom we can safely vent, and that's not always a bad thing... but if our spirit towards our husband is continually one of criticism (no matter how well-deserved we think it may be) and anger (because we think he never meets our needs)... then that is going to bleed over into our everyday lives and spoil (as in 'make rotten') our relationships with him.

When I read Wendy's blog this morning, it just really convicted my heart - have I been unjustly critical of Bo? Good grief - so we didn't get to go to New York for our 30th anniversary as planned - not his fault that we had a grandbaby due smack in the middle of the summer and I was afraid to plan to be that far away when my first grandbaby was due, lol - and the man sent me 3 dozen long-stemmed red roses to work on our anniversary. He has never, ever - not a single time - forgotten my birthday, our anniversary, my parent's anniversary (of course, it's the day before ours :) or birthdays, nor our kids' birthdays. He is a bivocational pastor and second year special education teacher (at a new school - AND he got bitten this week by someone else's student and has to take shots to prevent Hepatitis now, plus antibiotics and a tetanus shot, poor baby). He does the grocery shopping (still - because he got in the habit of doing it before he started teaching because of my commute and his more relaxed schedule), NEVER fusses when I spend money, puts gas in my car and has it washed for me, and is a kind, gentle soul... and I don't tell him these things nearly enough!

So, what about you? Is your focus on you and your needs, or on him and his needs.... or even more importantly on Him - - - on God, and what He leads you to do? That's something on which I'll be meditating today.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dew Drop challenge

OK, Holy Holly - here is my dew drops challenge card :)

Bella Rose

Here is the Bella Rose scrapbook page we made at August's meeting.

Left hand page:

Right hand page:

We used a variety of "friends, family, fun" pictures with this one. The pictures are not formally laid out as in most sketches (and most of my own pages), but rather a sampling of photos - great for those "one of this and one of that" type photos you don't have enough of for a layout on their own :).

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy week, back to school

Wow - what a week!!!!

I've been busy - I've gotten all the catalogs ordered for binding bound, and am printing postage with the rest of my free time this weekend, revamped the punch pal I like to use (prints on one sheet and you can hold it over a stamp set in the catalog and see what fits in what punch), and gotten a lot of preschool evals scheduled at school...

We are headed out to talk to the builders in a bit about our new house along with my parents (who will be moving into said new house with us), and then our kids are going to meet us as we take my folks out to dinner to help them celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary (it's Monday - our 30th is Tuesday).

I hope to have some time to put up pictures of the projects we did last week at our monthly stamp meeting here at my home - we did some fun stuff, browsed the catalog - but first I need to clean off the mess from cutting, punching and binding catalogs :)

Have a beautiful Saturday!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Ava's Cousin Zoe is here!

We just got a call - Zoe was born at 8:34 p.m. She weighs 7 pounds, 7 ounces, and so far, is the tallest of the 3 girls at 19.5 inches.


Waiting for Zoe

I'm sitting here writing, waiting for a phone call to say, "Zoe's here!!!". Who is Zoe, you ask? Well, our family has just undergone our own little population explosion (HA, Little - that is funny - that is our greatgrandfather's family name - Little - ok, maybe not THAT funny - but I'm tired.

My sister's daughter, Melissa, gave birth to Hannah Madilyn on April 15th of this year... my daughter, Kari, to Ava Kate on July 3rd... Jen, the daughter of our cousin/big brother figure (John) went into labour this morning - we are expecting Zoe Grace ANY TIME NOW (call me, call me, call me), and John's older sister, Carole - well her daughter, Holly, is expecting her 3rd in late August/early September - but that one's a boy :).

So if anyone is around and reading this - please say a prayer for Jen and David, and baby Zoe - and of course the assorted grandparents, great grands, aunties and all... I'll update you when I get that (call me call me call me) phone call or text message!

(And if you are reading it after I've posted she's born and all - pray anyway - God is not bound by such mundane things as time and place - He'll honour our prayers whenever and wherever they're said!)