Thursday, August 9, 2007

ah...i love my job

Alarm went off at 4:20 yesterday and today. See, my hubby has this thing about me being TOTALLY awake before I head out of town on 290 to Waller... go figure. Guess he loves me or something, lol!

So, my alarm goes off - don't remember if I've mentioned, but I'm pretty hearing impaired...I have an estimated 75% loss in left ear and 70% in right without my bionic ears {well, ok - hearing aids} - you may as well not bother talking to me! Anyway - my alarm goes off - this wonderful invention called The Sonic Boom ( - it has what is called a bed shaker [get your mind out of the gutter, would ya?] - a disk about 4 inches across and an inch or so thick that fits under the mattress and literally shakes the bed (think small earthquake :)....meanwhile, the light flashes and the alarm sounds - it is pitch adjustable so I have it set to a pitch I can hear if I am not laying on my left ear (for some reason I discriminate sound better on the left - have to do with being left-handed? I wonder...). I hit snooze ONCE yesterday - a couple of times today....hopped in the shower, then dressed and went and made my morning double latte (only Starbucks coffee goes in my espresso machine ;). By the time the latte is made and I sit down and check my email (I am on some very high-volume groups with other chatty crafters!)...i manage to wake up enough to go dry my hair and apply some make-up - then hit the road. I was so proud - managed to be the FIRST one at Special Services yesterday, and at my campus today (go, me!). Hope I can keep up the trend of being EARLY for work...If I leave on time (normally that will be 7:15-7:20), that will be great!

Anyway - after visiting both my campuses yesterday and finding neither principal there...I was told at BOTH campuses that my office (from last year) had been given to someone else (hello? testing kids...where? holding IEP meetings...where??? keeping confidential student records....WHERE??????). I was royally POed when I headed home yesterday - blessedly it was massage day (that's another story) I was in decent enough mood when Bo got home from church - I was running late and got home after church had already started...

So...this morning, get to my (new) main campus - well, new OLD main campus - I used to be counselor there and they like me for some odd 6:45....finally, around 8:00 heard other signs of life, and about 8:30, my principal arrived from having a conference with Transportation...and we talked. I'm no longer office-less - but I did get to be the one to call my speech path and tell him he couldn't have my office....however, since he's a good guy (most of the time :), he approved of where I had recommended he be moved, since they took over his room for a mini computer lab....I told him he could have either one - my office or the other larger room with the WINDOW (wish I had a window!) and built-in bookshelves and cabinets! It all worked out - God has a way of doing that....but my stress level last night - well, let's just say there was a great reason why I didn't post then!

Have a good one - be a good one!

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