Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Back to work!

OK, so there's good news and bad news...I *thought* I had to go back to work last Monday (the 6th) - GOOD NEWS - not til Wednesday (the 8th)......BUT (didn't you hear that coming???) I have to be there at 7 in the morning - I am SO not a morning person!!!!!

So, right now, when I finish today's blog, I'm going to finish packaging a wish gift for someone on one of my groups, then work on the maps for Kari's wedding invitations, watch the Astros (we won last night, Go 'Stros!), and hit the sack early! Oh, and I need to repack my work cart so I can actually LIFT it into and out of my car, lol! Right now it holds the stuff from all my summer workshops, plus the office supplies I bought to replenish my school stash, and such...I think I'll have to have an extra box to get it all there tomorrow...

I found out that I will now have an additional campus. My boss is super and assured me that if my testing becomes overwhelming that she'll secure reinforcements for me (I do all the preschool and all the bilingual assessments for my district - since I have little or no control over these things, I could have a dozen due in one week, or one due in a dozen weeks, KWIM???). Good news of this, though, is that this is really a TINY change for me, because the campus added to my caseload is my original campus - they know me there, and most days, LIKE me, lol!

SO, not sure what my schedule looks like, but if it is like in the past, I'll have some control over that, and can decide where I need to spend time and when...since I do all the bilingual assessments, that means I hit all the campuses at some point more or less...

Still praying about Bo's work - he did the alternative certification for teaching and passed his tests with flying colors - now just to find a job - our little church is really struggling and he needs to go bivocational at least for a time to help out.... some people are having a hard time with this and the rumours are flying, but, I can't help that. People will gossip and stretch the truth until it no longer resembles itself! The truth really is (in case you care) - we have no intentions of leaving our church at this point - God has not given us permission to do so yet...so we are in it until we know we have to go!

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