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Saturday, August 25, 2007

I love Saturday!

WOW - have *I* been bad or what! It's been days - almost WEEKS since I last was here...hmmm, wonder if school starting could have anything to do with that!

I got my office moved back to my old school (hurrah!) and have already had 3 IEP meetings... yep, hit the decks running.... And the other diags have all already had more of those than I have (but they didn't have 3 and 4 year olds to test, come to think of it, lol - I *love* the little ones!!!).

sorry - Garrett (SIL2B) just dropped off keys to Bo's truck...

I'm fixing to work on some stamping and some prom scrapbook pages for a gal. Since my blog is largely undiscovered, lol, I'll share some of the stamping in a bit...can't share the prom pics as they aren't my kids :) Gotta make my future SIL a birthday card - tomorrow's his day! Hope Bo remembers he's supposed to get him something while he's out....hate to call him *again* as he is getting certain personal products for his cranky wife...and likely needs a break from her (me)...

I called him...walked out into the garage to check and see how many diet cokes there were at *his* request - don't you love a man who SHOPS...he also COOKS, VACUUMS, PUTS GAS IN MY CAR *and* he remembered that I was almost out of Diet Coke! I know...I know - I am SO spoiled...but I digress...the garage door was up and I thought G had left it that way...I turn around and Bo is talking to me on the phone and is *right behind me* - nearly scared the peewadoodling out of me, lol...

back in a the laundry is calling....

ok - I now have clean undies put away for the next week or two or three...I hate doing laundry, but gotta have clean undies!!!!!

well, *now* it's the phone....I give up....maybe I'll catch ya later!

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