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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Stampin' Up! and Thirty-one BOTH have recruiting specials right now - WHAT A DEAL!!!!!!

Stampin' Up! and Thirty-One both have awesome recruiting deals on right now. In my previous post, I told you all about Thirty-One's deal... it goes through the end of September - and I can't wait for you to sign up for my team! But wait - there's MORE!!!!!!

Are you a scrapbooker? A Project Lifer? A stamper? A paper crafter of any kind? Stampin' Up! has a GREAT deal for you - but it ONLY lasts through the 28th of August! The SHORT & SWEET recruiting promotion is here for a short time only - August 21-28 - that's the short part.... here's the sweet part: For the $99 starter kit price, you can now select up to $150 in your choice of Stampin' Up! products, and pay NO SHIPPING for your starter kit!

This is a great deal for an amazing business opportunity, and it is only available for 2 more days. Don't delay! Email me or just go to my website at Click on JOIN THE FUN, and follow the prompts to complete your demonstrator agreement and start on a fun adventure with Stampin' Up! and me!

Won't you join me now?


Saturday, August 16, 2014


Thirty-one is making it even better to become a new consultant and begin your own business! Whether you want to generate the great extra income, or whether you just want to fulfill your bag and purse desires with the great discount, this is the time to sign up with me!

All new consultants who join Thirty-one Gifts during FALL FOR US have the opportunity to earn a FREE MEDIUM UTILITY TOTE for reaching StartSwell Level 1 ($600 in Personal Volume in days 1-30). You also can earn a full rebate on your Enrollment Kit for reaching StartSwell Levels 1 & 2 ($600 in Personal Volume during your second 30 days).

FALL FOR US starts today, August 16, and runs through September 30 only! Please email with any questions!

No questions? Just want to get to the sign up and get started?
Here's how to sign up to begin your own Thirty-One Business!!

1. Go to:

2. Click on “Become a Consultant” at the top in the toolbar.

3. Click on “Get Started” at the very bottom.

4. Choose the Fall Enrollment kit!

5. Say OK that you are enrolling under me, #77170 Nancy Keithley

6. Please download the 6 Consultant documents and check the box stating that you agree to the each agreement.

7. Click on "Continue" at the bottom.

8. If you have your first four parties booked already click the box and click on Add/Continue. If not just click on Add/Continue. Add your first four parties if applicable. Dates can be estimated.
{{Please note: It is okay if you don’t provide this information}}

9. Put in all of your personal information. The system asks you for your Social Security number because they will be sending you a commission check twice a month. Thirty-One DOES NOT take out taxes on your commission so you will need to set aside an amount to do this with at the end of the year. Please ask a tax adviser for the amount you should withhold for income taxes in your state.

10. Press Continue at the bottom of the page.

11. IMPORTANT: Select “Continue”. This will make the transaction complete and you will be given your very own Consultant Id #!

12. Watch for an email from me with tips to help get your business started, and how to contact me and get even more support!

Thirty-one is AWESOME to represent. I hope you will consider this!


*Ü* Nanc ><>

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back to school with Thirty-One gifts!

For the month of August, Thirty-One has this GREAT deal for some really cute thermals! Emma (my three year old granddaughter, and the cream in the middle of the oreo with the arrival of baby sister Sofia TWO months ago today) has already put in her request! She wants the monkey, the owl and the birdy.... Thankfully (to me, lol) she isn't too into the bug [shudder]. It is rare to find something of this quality in cute BOY offerings, too! BUGGY thermal, anyone? I think my nephews would have loved this when they were little! Please contact me to order for your grandchild or child today! I am trying to earn some new goodies from the new catalog, and would love to book a party with YOU! Will you help me?

TEACHERS - book a catalog or live party with me, getting $200 or more in orders, and you will get 10% of your retail party total back from me in the form of a gift card for your classroom when your items are paid for and delivered (the gift card will be a "use anywhere" type card OR, if you prefer, a 31 gift card with me - you have a choice!).

PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS - you can book a catalog or live party with me and tell me who your child's teacher is (or select your school librarian, music, PE or other teacher!), and that teacher will get a gift card for their classroom when the order is completed and paid for.

Want an EASY button for ordering??? Order two Chill-icious thermals plus two ice packs for only $45 plus tax and shipping (tax to me is 6 1/4%, shipping is 8% - total shipped to me for this would be $51.64 (meet me in Waller, Cypress or College Station when they come in - or if you aren't local, add $4 to ship it directly to you!).

There is NO limit on the number of pairs of thermals you can order this way! THANK YOU for reading - Email me to order 

Photo: OK - I'll quit changing my cover photo now - sorry for those of you that got the changes over... and over.... and over again!

Just a note - this is a GREAT deal for some really cute thermals! Emma has already put in her request! It is rare to find something of this quality in cute BOY offerings, too! BUGGY thermal, anyone? I think my nephews would have loved this when they were little! Please message me to order for your grandchild or child today! I am trying to earn some new goodies from the new catalog, and would love to book a party with YOU! Will you help me?

TEACHERS - book a catalog or live party with me, getting $200 or more in orders, and you will get 10% of your retail party total back from me in the form of a gift card for your classroom when your items are paid for and delivered (the gift card will be a "use anywhere" type card OR, if you prefer, a 31 gift card with me - you have a choice!).

PARENTS/GRANDPARENTS - you can book a catalog or live party with me and tell me who your child's teacher is (or select your school librarian, music, PE or other teacher!), and that teacher will get a gift card for their classroom when the order is completed and paid for.

Want an EASY button for ordering??? Order two Chillicious thermals plus two ice packs for only $45 plus tax and shipping (tax to me is 6 1/4%, shipping is 8% - total shipped to me for this would be $51.64 (meet me in Waller, Cypress or College Station when they come in - or if you aren't local, add $4 to ship it directly to you!).
There is NO limit on the number of pairs of thermals you can order this way! THANK YOU for reading - Message me to order :)

{Now, I'll quit changing my cover and leave you alone until next month!}
Thanks for reading!
*Ü* Nanc ><>
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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Are you a BIG SHOT???? BUNDLE UP NOW!!!

If you're anything like me, you absolutely love when BIG opportunities come your way. Since we all know the Big Shot is a big deal, Stampin’ Up! is offering you something you just can’t miss: an exclusive Big Shot opportunity that lasts for the entire month of August!

CHECK this! With every purchase of a Big Shot in August, you will receive YOUR CHOICE of one of five free stamp set/framelits bundles below!

Not only that, if you already own a Big Shot, you can still purchase these designated bundles at an amazing 15% off! This is one deal you will NOT want to miss – this is only available from August 1-31-as these bundles are one-time only exclusives.

Two Choices:

1) Buy a Big Shot and get your choice of one of the bundles below.


2) Buy one of these bundles at a 15% discount (the price shown is the discounted price).

Bundle   Item Number Stamp Set Framelits Discounted Price
Sumthin' with Bubbly Words WM 138923

Sumthin' Sumthin'

Word Bubbles


Sumthin' with Bubbly Words CM


Sumthin' Sumthin'

Word Bubbles


Decorative Goodies WM

138924 Oh My Goodies Deco Labels Collection $42.25

Decorative Goodies CM


Oh My Goodies

Deco Labels Collection $35.95
Celebrating Chalk Talk WM 138925 Day of Celebration

Chalk Talk


Celebrating Chalk Talk CM

138922 Day of Celebration Chalk Talk $37.25

Flowery Daydream WM

138911 Daydream Medallions Floral Collection $54.25

Flowery Daydream CM

138910 Daydream Medallions Floral Collection $45.75
Bright & Beautiful Stars WM 138644 Bright & Beautiful Star $50.75
Bright & Beautiful Stars CM 138200 Bright & Beautiful Star


Which one do YOU want? Email me to order or go to my website below and click on SHOP!

*Ü* Nanc ><>

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Friday, August 1, 2014


I just wanted to share with you today a quick review and some tips on using the FAST FUSE if you haven't used it before. I also have listed PROs and CONs below, along with a price comparison.

First - I've heard of lot of folks, especially those in areas of high humidity (like South East Texas, where I live!) complaining that SNAIL doesn't always hold securely. I get around that with the SNAIL by running vertical likes of adhesive on one piece and horizontal layers on the other piece to marry them together better - works like a charm! I like the SNAIL: the refills go in easy, it is easy to use, and it works (most of the time) pretty well. I will say that I have tried refills from other suppliers. They do not always work as well as the actual SNAIL from SU – I find myself needing to use more of it sometimes to hold as well. WHY? Good question… from what I’ve read, it probably is due to the fact that Stampin’ Up! has a LOT of turnover of adhesives, and so they don’t have it sitting in the warehouse for that long. The bulk suppliers likely have massive quantities of it sitting there for longer periods of time.

On the Fast Fuse, though - when you go to adhere it, if you pull it straight back like you do SNAIL, the FF wants to pull a string of adhesive off the carrier tape, which gums up the works. BUT - if you give it a **very slight** sideways jerk when you get to the end of the line of adhesive you are trying to apply, it helps 'break' that string, making it easier to apply the next bit. For the FF, you do NOT need as much as you do of the SNAIL - even in SE Texas! That stuff STICKS!

(So make sure you have it straight before you stick it together!)


  • sticks well
  • sticks fast
  • stands up to high humidity
  • carrier fits well in your hands
  • easy to replace cartridge


  • learning curve on applying it so it doesn't make a mess
  • learning curve on holding the applicator correctly as the hump is on the bottom (as opposed to SNAIL, which is on the top!)
  • more initial outlay than SNAIL*

*I did the math. The FF dispenser comes with 13.1 yards (just like the SNAIL does) for $9.95 as opposed to $6.95 for SNAIL. For the refills, you get 21.9 yards for $7.50 for the FF and 13.1 yards for $4.50 for the SNAIL. Also, the Sticky Strip (AKA Chihuahua Tape to my stampers because I made a comment one time that it was strong enough to stick the chihuahua to the ceiling – NOTE – - no chihuahuas – have ever been stuck to a ceiling by me, nor would I, even though I dislike chihuahuas due to a traumatic childhood incident – but I really do like real dogs! <grin> see photo below, please), which is superb for hard-to-stick things like buttons, ribbon, metal pieces, and for assembling boxes and such, is a bit more expensive, but I find myself using less of it with a lot more success for those applications. {Boy, THAT was a long, run-on sentence}

Bottom line:

  • FAST FUSE REFILL = $.1141 per foot
  • SNAIL REFILL = $.1145 per foot
  • STICKY STRIP = $.23 per foot


Simon – my one-eyed rescue dog.  He came to live with us July 2013.  My youngest found him for me and said that the half deaf lady needed a half-blind dog…


Go out and glue something!

*Ü* Nanc ><>

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stampin’ Up! TAX-FREE Holiday!

The state of Texas is having a sales tax holiday for school supplies up to $100 per item from August 8-10. States typically define School Supply as "any item normally used by students in a standard classroom for educational purposes." Because school supply items are included in this sales tax holiday, the list of items below will be state tax-free during the holiday period. Please note that you must place your order with Stampin’ Up!® during the tax holiday period in order to receive these items tax-free - this offer is ONLY valid August 8, 9 and 10, 2014! Also, keep in mind that this is a state sales tax holiday and may not apply to additional county, city and special jurisdiction taxes. 

The following items are tax-exempt during the Texas sales tax holiday: 
·         2-Way Glue Pen (item 100425) $4.50
·         Snail Adhesive (item 104332) $6.95
·         Snail Adhesive Refill (item 104331) $4.50
·         Sticky Strip (item 104294) $6.95
·         Stampin’ Dimensionals (item 104430) $3.95
·         Mini Glue Dots (item 103683) $4.95
·         Paper Snips (item 103579) $9.95
·         Craft & Paper Scissors (item 108360) $29.95
·         Uni-Ball Signo Gel Pen (item 105021) $3.95
·         Blender Pens (item 102845) $9.95
·         Stampin’ Write Markers (various item numbers) $3.50
·         Subtles Stampin’ Write Markers (item 131263) $28.95
·         Regals Stampin’ Write Markers (item 131262) $28.95
·         Brights Stampin’ Write Markers (item 131259) $28.95
·         Neutrals Stampin’ Write Markers (item 131261) $22.95
·         Tombow Multipurpose Adhesive (item 110755) $3.95
·         Anywhere Glue Sticks (item 104045) $3.95
·         2012-2014 In Color Stampin’ Write Markers (item 126856) $14.95
·         2013-2015 In Color Stampin’ Write Markers (item 131260) $14.95
·         2014-2016 In Colors Stampin' Write Markers (item 133654) $14.95
·         Stampin’ Write Marker New Color Kit (item 130034) $28.95
·         Stampin’ Write Marker New Color Kit (item 130034,131259,131263,131262,131261) $28.95
·         Project Life Journaling Pens  (item 135304)  $4.95
·         Stampin" Dazzle markers gold and silver (item 133634 & 128978) $3.50 ea
·         White Stampin' Chalk Marker  (Item 132133)  $3.50
·         Blendabilities Markers (Item all)  $11.95 ea
·         Blendabilities Skin Tone Assortment Markers (item 129370) $22.95
·         Paper Snips/Scissors, Fringe Scissors $9.95

To order, just email me or even better, go to my Stampin’ Up! website at: and click on SHOP in the upper right hand menu.
*Ü* Nanc ><>
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Friday, July 25, 2014

VC-Rocks July Blog Hop–Fancy Folds and 3D projects

I am a last minute addition to the July blog hop and am so glad to be part of it!

My project is a jar to hold my washi tape. The jar came from the Dollar Spot at Target (pronounced Tar Jay in my world, lol). I made it a 3D Stampin' Up! project by making some cute circle flowers that my Facebook Friend Krystal Z shared with me.


To make the flowers, I used my SU 2 1/2” circle punch, and cut a spiral into the circle ending in the center. Then, beginning at the center, I rolled the flower fairly tightly onto a quarter of a Jumbo Sticky round. I cut skinnier pie shaped pieces of the Jumbo Sticky round for the leaves, which were created by cutting one inch pieces of Pear Pizzazz  Cotton Ribbon and folding them in half in a V shape. I layered them from tip to base of the leaf shape.  You can see a leaf on either side of the bow I made.


The bow was made of a piece about 18 inches of the Pear Pizzazz ribbon that I curved back and forth, and then tied in the center with another length of ribbon to drape down the side of the jar. Finally, I used my new Blendabilities pens in Daffodil Delight and Old Olive to color some of my Jewels Basic Pearls and Jewels Basic Pearls Large. I placed some of the yellow ones in the center of the roses as shown well in the above picture, and scattered the rest of the yellow and green pearls around the lid to fill in spots. The paper used for the roses was from the Confetti Celebrations DSP (remember all DSP EXCEPT the Specialty DSP is on sale – buy 3 get 1 free).

I filled it up with my current collection of SU Washi (memo to self – ***NEED MORE WASHI***), and now it is sitting on my table, looking adorable! My oldest daughter walked in this morning to drop off the baby for me to keep for a bit and zeroed in on it with a compliment so I think it was a success!

Happy creating, and please come back and visit my blog from time to time!

*Ü* Nanc ><>
Stampin' Up!:  -
2014 Goal: 52 pages - 10 pages, 5 sketches, a bunch of cards made

Monday, April 21, 2014

Free shipping, chance to win $50 GC from me and RETIRING LISTS!!!!!

First - Congratulations to all my club members - first - our order was placed on April 17 which is probably the earliest I've had all the orders in with absolutely NO nagging on my part - GO CLUB!!!!!!!!! and second - because you all have your name in a drawing for a $50 gift certificate - see below+++...

Retiring lists are out - These items are available ONLY while supplies last - you may email me your order, or, what would probably be the fastest - order online at - click on SHOP NOW. See retired lists here:

Also reminding you that I WILL break $100,000 in career-long sales this month. Want to get in on the drawing for $50 in free product? Even though I already know that I have hit the mark, I'm keeping my word that ANYONE placing an order in the month in which I hit the $100,000 mark will have their name placed in a drawing for a $50 SU gift certificate from me (must be used within 6 months, please - so by end of October!). If you place multiple orders, your name goes in for each. +++Hostess club ladies - your name is already in the pot. Those of you who are also Paper Pumpkin subscribers have a second chance... any of you ordering retiring items before the last of April get your name in the pot a second (or third time) for club members - for non-club members, it will get your name in the pot...


To sweeten the deal, SU is giving *you* FREE SHIPPING on EVERYTHING through this Friday, April 25 (Free shipping valid on orders placed April 21 through April 25!).

Order up! Get in on the party!!!!

*Ü* Nanc ><>

Stampin' Up!:


Scrapbook kits here:

Thursday, March 13, 2014

31 Gifts presents: A FLASH SALE!!!!!

I <3 a good flash sale, but really, not much is better than a Thirty-one Gifts FLASH SALE!!!!!
This flash sale begins MARCH 16 (Sunday) and goes through March 22! 50% off select classic prints!
You know, like a CINDY PURSE for only $35!!?!?!?!?! Keep it Caddy and Mini utility Bins (in select prints) for only $11??!?!!? There are bunches of bargains here… and on top of these bargains, these items count toward the March special, which is: Spend $35 (retail) and get 50% off your choice of one of these five totes:
Retro Metro Fold-over
Easy Breezy Tote
Euro Straw Tote
Cindy Tote
Inside-out Tote

As if that were not enough, if you host a $600 party in March, you can get one of these returning hostess specials FREE:
Party Thermal in Best Buds OR Island Damask oR the Room to Grow Utility Bin in Big Dot OR Brown Woodblock Floral
(You may also get one of these four items for only $15 just by hosting a $200 – $599 party this month. A party is simply a retail order of $200 or more by you or you and friends – either a catalog order, a Party on the Go where you borrow a few samples from me to show your friends/workmates, OR I can come show you and/or friends some samples, including fabric swatches of many of our styles so you CAN handle the merchandise before you buy!)
Just email me to get the ball rolling, or go to my Thirty-one website to order. Remember, the special Flash Sale starts SUNDAY MARCH 16, but you can start building your order on paper before then, or email me with your order and I can send you a paypal invoice and enter your order for you. If you order $200 or more, you get Hostess perks on top of specials and FLASH sale! WHOO HOO! This is a great opportunity! Becoming  a 31 Consultant is also a great opportunity! Now is your time to start!
Email me now to get started!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Even MORE to Love with Stampin’ Up!’s SALE-A-BRATION! Continued ;)


Were you one of the lucky ones who got the Textured Boutique Embossing Machine last fall? Stampin’ Up! test marketed a limited number of them to see if we, the consumers, were interested in them. Evidently there was a resounding “YES!!!!!”, because the TBEM is BACK!

These little beauties are now in SU!’s signature sleek black, and they still cost only $29.95 (what else has not gone up in a year’s time?!?). A limited number of these are available NOW here. If you miss it now, never fear, it will be back in the 2014-2015 Annual Catalog! You use this wonderful little machine to emboss cardstock, designer paper, our foils or vellum into fantastic texture for your creations! Please note – the TBEM does NOT do die cuts/framelits. This machine has a small footprint, so it won’t take up a lot of room, and when you want to do a bit of embossing with those fun new folders in the Occasions Catalog (page 22, 26 and 32, for example) – it is easier to haul to your table than the Big Shot (which is your cool tool for die-cutting!).

In other SU! News, there are some great card kits in the Occasions Catalog – Watercolor Wonder on page 22, Happenings on page 31 – but there is also the Hip Hip Hooray Card Kit Item 134998 (all the supplies for 20 super cards!)


In addition to these, there is a line of fantastic Valentine products that were introduced in December and were slated to go away last Monday – but now, they have been extended until February 14! Not only *just in time for Valentine’s Day*, but you can earn SALE-A-BRATION rewards on these items!

If you want to see these neat offerings, click here.clip_image003

Weekly Deal

As if all of those items weren’t incredible enough, Stampin’ Up! offers huge discounts on select items each week.  Discounts = WHOO HOO in my house!  That is one great way to get more bang for your buck – but – in case you want more – here is one last way to get more…


You can ring up lots of SAB rewards just for engaging in a little retail therapy, but there are even more Sale-a-Bration rewards when you host a party.  If you host a workshop or place an order (either one works :) that retail totals $300 or more, you will earn an additional $30 in hostess rewards.  If you live in the Greater Houston/Cypress/Waller/College Station area and would like for me to do a totally hands-on workshop for you and some friends – whether scrapbooking, digital scrapbooking, cards, or some combination thereof, please contact me today and let’s set a date on my calendar – remember – I can schedule on weekdays, evenings or weekends now!  If you would like for me to help you coordinate a virtual workshop with a Hostess Code (for example if you have friends who don’t live close or don’t have time to come to a 2 hour class, or with whom you want to combine orders so that you can earn rewards), please contact me today.



CLICK HERE to order Stampin’ Up! products 24/7.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Even MORE to Love with Stampin’ Up!’s SALE-A-BRATION!

There is so much to love with SU right now, one post cannot contain all the fun!
Sale-a-bration (also known as SAB) has kicked off! For the uninitiated, during SAB (now through March 31), for every $50 (retail, before tax and shipping) you spend, you may select one of the free items on pages 11-17 of the SAB catalog.

There is even MORE fun to be had for those who host a workshop, class, virtual workshop (by sharing your personally generated Hostess Code with all your friends – you get that from me :) or just place a personal order – if the retail total is $300 or more you will get an additional $30 in Hostess Dollars* to spend on *anything* in the current catalogs. What is not to love about that???
[*For example, a $300 workshop order earns $50 in Hostess Dollars normally, but during this SAB period – it would be $80!]

Need more fun than that? How about joining my team, “I Fancy, ink”? For $99 you usually get $125 in product that YOU tailor to your tastes, with free shipping, and the right to represent SU as a demonstrator… hobby, business, just for personal use – or anywhere in between. I am an experienced upline, and stand ready to help you build your business to the level YOU want. But WAIT, there’s MORE!!!!! (I’ve been wanting to say that!)

During this SAB, you will receive MORE free product with your starter kit when you join my team! That’s right – instead of a $125 value, the starter kit during SAB (through March 31, 2014) is valued at $150… and being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator gets you a 20% discount on your purchases and resources online to help you build your business… and me, of course, as your upline! You can get more information and sign up online HERE. Also, in case you don’t know, I can support you in not one, but two languages!
Si necesita mas información, mándeme un correo electrónico a Mi español escrito no está perfecto, pero es adecuado para comunicar . Smile

EMAIL me  at for more information, to order, or to get together with some friends for a class to make scrapbook layouts, cards, gift items, décor and MORE! Check back tomorrow for more SU! And Thirty-one gifts information – there’s a whole lot of fun goin’ on!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

PAPER PUMPKIN–and other BIG fun from Stampin’ Up!

When Paper Pumpkin first came out, I signed up for it immediately, and gave it the good old college try…. I soon became disillusioned though, and vacillated between pausing my subscription and cancelling it altogether! I just didn’t feel that I was getting my money’s worth – and if I didn’t, how could I in good conscience really market it to you, my dear customers and friends!

Well – once again, Stampin’ Up! ***listens*** to us! At Leadership, SU! announced that they are working on pumping up the volume, as it were, of the Paper Pumpkin. I saw one Demo who was at Leadership say he say the sneak peek of the next couple of PPs and immediately went back and renewed his sub to it!
SO…. I would most humbly and sincerely ask if you would please consider giving My Paper Pumpkin a try. All you have to do is sign up at and if you would, please, select me as your demonstrator: Nancy Keithley, Waller TX 77484. You won’t be disappointed – you’ll even get a free set of 2012-2014 In Color Markers if you sign up by February 10! (And of course, if you sign up by tomorrow, I’ll get some extra goodies from SU, so yeah, if you would I’d LOVE it!!!!)

The picture above takes you to where you can sign up. After entering your address and other info, AND your credit card information, click on the I HAVE A DEMONSTRATOR button, and *please* put in my name, city and zip - again, Nancy Keithley, Waller TX, 77484.

In other news, SU has the great Occasions Catalog out – and beginning JANUARY 28, SALE-A-BRATION begins (CUE cheering and applause!!!) – for every $50 you spend (retail – before shipping and tax), you may select one of the very cool SAB items from the SAB catalog! If you don’t have one and would like one (Occasions and/or SAB catalogs), please email me.

Information on additional current promotions may be found HERE. In addition to the Paper Pumpkin and Sale-a-bration, there is a  CLEARANCE RACK BLITZ and some cute VALENTINE specials that you just have to check out!

Thank you for looking and have a great weekend!