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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Cult

I spent last weekend with my cult. Did that grab your attention??? Yep, I said CULT - the Baptist preacher's wife is a cult member - what's that? You think all Baptists are in a cult??? Get real, lol - I'm talking about my scrapbooking see, twice a year we pack it all up, load up the cars and head a little ways out of Houston and scrapbook like maniacs for 3 days. We get very little sleep...I slept 6 hours Friday night, and less than 5 on Saturday night...

and I finished 18 pages (9 2 page 12x12 layouts) plus two mini scrapbooks for wedding gifts with 26 decorated mini pages for each

Overall our group scrapped over 150 12x12 pages...and I have several more layouts planned - I'm PUMPED - my MOJO is back...

but so, of course, is the real world and my job, lol! Not to mention the reality of being MOB in less than 4 weeks, with 300 wedding favors to make - everything else seems to be done though...

now, if only I knew for sure what song I am singing at the wedding!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Busy little beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Dear blog - I'm not sure if I'm coming or going...but right now I'm just sitting! Actually I am fixing to go to bed...but feel as though I've neglected you, dear blog, so I thought I'd feed you a little. Thank goodness I remember to feed Clark (the Betta my dds gave me for Mother's day last year) more often than you, my blog!

Well, blog, my friend, I just finished watching Cleveland take the Yankees down. Whoo Hoo - GO INDIANS....yeah, yeah - perhaps that isn't the best attitude, but it is better than dissing the Yankees totally, isn't it? I just am not as impressed with the pinstripes as some are, I guess :)

Anyway, bloggie, I had my stampers over for World Card-Making Day last Saturday - we combined it with my regular Hostess Club meeting as I will be unavailable this coming Saturday (the 'usual' 2nd Saturday on which we usually meet). It seems the cult to which I belong is holding a weekend long retreat (lest you worry about the cult thing - remember, I am a believer in Christ, and a pastor's wife, etc... that's just what our hubbies call our little scrapbooking group...they said we had gone off and formed a cult - particulary humorous coming from MY husband from the pulpit on one fine Sunday morning...I was concerned that I might have to begin CPR on some of the sweet little blue-haired ladies!). So, hopefully, next week sometime, I'll have an update on my scrapbooking pages completed so far this year. My goal for the year was 52...a very REASONABLE goal for me. I have completed (drum roll, please) 79 pages...35 traditional and 44 digital. I am well-pleased about that. I have exactly zero layouts planned for this weekend, bloggie, BUT I do know that I plan to create miniature envelope scrapbooks (see the one in the margin I did for my sweet mom-in-law) for two recent brides...hopefully they will like!

I guess since it is coming on to 11 pm and I must needs get up in the morning and get to a workshop, that I probably should get me to bed, my friend blog, but, again, I was afraid you might be feeling neglected and wanted to reassure you that you are cared for...

Have a good week, blog - talk to you later!