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Thursday, July 24, 2008

What Ava's granddaddy wants to be called ;)

So, we were talking about what Ava Kate will call us, which we know is basically an exercise in wishful thinking as children give grandparents the names they choose (I know of one lady whose grandchildren call her "Puddin' "... yep - bet you can guess what she always served them!

Anyway, after some trial and error... I decided that I'd like to be called Gramcy...hubby finally enlightened us earlier this week on his name of choice...



Grambo :)

Now, if you aren't getting this, let me share with you that Bo and Garrett (Ava's daddy/our sin-in-law in case you are wondering) LOVE Sylvester Stallone type movies... the Rocky movies, and, yeah - RAMBO... so, since Bo is a big muscular kind of guy, he thinks he'll be "Grambo".

Time will tell, but personally, I thinks it's cute as can be....

Monday, July 14, 2008

What we made on our Stampin Saturday ~ 7/12/08

Here are all three of the card projects we made... I couldn't seem to get a good photo of the pink card - based on a set of cards by Angie Juda (chicnscratch). Mine says "Tickled Pink" and is a standard sized card :)

The scrapook pages use the Felt Fusion flowers in the current catalog, as well as a popsicle for journaling in...PRICELESS was the stamp set used to make swooshies 'dripping' off the dreamsicle and indicating the butterfly flight...

This card could be a Thank you, Happy Birthday, or whatever card - easy and fast! We added some detail inside:

We scored around the edge of the inside Bashful Blue piece, and used the punch out area of the sentiment on the front to stipple in some color with the sponge daubers...

Just wanted those who missed to see WHAT they missed! ANy of these cards would be FAST and easy to make up a bunch at a time. New club starts in August... if you aren't signed up, you'll be missing the fun!!!!


ooh, baby, baby!

Being a mom is really great... being a grandma? Well, one has to admit, mama was right - it's even better than being a parent, lol!

Here is my daddy holding Ava Kate - look at his hand next to hers...

Ava in the crib my mama's daddy made for me... my sister's kids and both my kids have all also slept in this... mama insisted on going to Things Remembered and getting a little plaque that says that Grandpa made it for me... but I really don't mind sharing with my sister's kids... and grandkids... although with Melissa having Hannah on 4-15, and then Ava Kate arriving less than 3 months later, it's a good thing for us that Mel had made other plans :)

And here is the sweet baby sleeping... she's doing less of that, but the smile makes it all worth while :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm a grandma!!!

Or a Gramcy - I think that is what Kari is thinking to have Ava Kate call me... here are the details with some pictures below -

Bo and I were all packed to take a little vacation starting this past Monday before the birth of our granddaughter around the 18th...


Before we left on Monday, I took Kari to the dr for a check up (she was going at one-week intervals at that point - and Garrett had been taking her, but since he would have had to take time off from work to take her, and they were saving that for after she was born, I took her gladly :), and for the first time her blood pressure was up... so after taking it 4 different times, the dr sent her upstairs to Labor & Delivery to be put on a fetal monitor and start a 24 hour urine test (to check proteins...) - her BP was fine as long as she was laying's heartrate was great - anyway - 5 hours later, we finally got home, ~Kari had to collect all her urine for 24 hours and return it on Tuesday afternoon. Bo and I decided that going to the B&B at Kerrville was probably a bad idea ;)

Tuesday I took her back with her specimen and her BP was checked again - still high. Dr had already scheduled her for next Tuesday to be induced, but decided to book her in for Thursday (7-3-08) instead because she was concerned she was prehypertensive.

Soooo, Kari and Garrett got to the hospital around 6, they got her hooked up to the fetal monitor, started a Pitocin drip and we started waiting. The dr came in and broke her water around 9 and things really sped up... about 2 hours after that, she asked for her epidural. Almost immediately after that, the baby's heart rate started dropping out... the nurse came in and cleared us out, got the dr, and they decided to do an emergency C-section. Dr said it was a good thing - Ava Kate - just like her Aunt KK (after whom she is partially named) was still hanging out around mom's ribs - never dropped down into the birth canal, so it would have been a LONG LONG LONG labor had this not happened this way.

Long story short (too late, I know), by God's grace, Ava Kate Robles was officially born at 12:11 p.m. (that's afternoon for the time-challenged among us) on July 3, 2008, weighing in at 7 pounds, 15 ounces, and 18 3/4 inches long. Kari and Ava Kate are both doing fine. The dr is a little concerned about Kari's liver function, and Kari has quite a bit of itching, which together could indicate Cholestasis of pregnancy... which *should* subside within a couple of days of pregnancy, or it could be other things, but at any rate is something to keep in prayer.

Also, the house they were renting from my in-laws has sold - closing date was her DUE DATE... we are buying property together in the area where I work (out in the country :) - that deal closes at the end of July - add that up and they would be homeless for a couple of weeks.... so guess where they will living for the next few weeks? Yep - here with us!
At least that makes it really easy for me to spoil that baby rotten!

Thanks for reading this far - now you can just call me.... 'Grancy' (I think that's what Kari has decided, lol - my nieces and nephews have called me Auntsy off and on because my oldest nephew started calling me that - Aunt Nancy - but he lost that syllable of it...shortening it to Auntsy)

We had a wild day - emergency C-section, a lot of prayer, but all worked out, thank God!

Garrett's Scrubs

Garrett showing us Ava Kate as Grandpa Bo (my honey) looks on

Katie (Aunt KK) and Kari in Recovery Room - Katie didn't think Kari should have to be alone :)

Ava Kate in Nursery after her bath

Kari holding Ava for the first time - counting fingers and toes

OK - Enough pictures for now - I have a baby to go hold and a daughter to entertain :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Wow! It has been way too long since I posted, but a LOT has happened...

Finishing out May - school was maniacally busy! Kari continued to increase in girth with baby Ava...Bo completed his first year of teaching successfully.

June flew by - my stampers came and made several cute things... like this

with a new set that will be in the Fall-Winter Idea Book and Catalog...

and this...

and taking photos like this:

And tomorrow... we go in to the hospital for Kari to be induced, and hopefully this time tomorrow, I'll be updating with Miss Ava Kate's first photographs!

Please keep us in your prayers...