Friday, October 22, 2010

Congratulations to Nolan Ryan and the Texas Rangers, and here's to you, Josh Hamilton!

Although my beloved Astros didn't make it into the playoffs (yet again :), and although Lance Berkman, one of my favorite players DID make it into the playoffs, albeit for totally the wrong team, I have to say:


It hurt to see Berkman wearing that Yankee's uniform (no offense to Yankee fans, but that was just wrong!) - but I was glad he got to make some good hits and some good plays, and got to play in the playoffs again - he deserves it - he's a great player, and even better, a strong person with a strong Christian testimony.

I confess, I don't typically follow Rangers baseball, but you know, I just can't feel bad about a Texas team playing in the World Series again.

Lance - we miss you, but we're still proud of you down here in Houston. Hope to see you back here soon!

Nolan - we're proud of you of you, too - you've come a long way from the kid throwing stuff in the back yard whose daddy thought you'd be better off learning to throw a baseball instead. Congratulations to you and your Rangers.

Josh Hamilton - thank you for giving credit where credit is due - to our Lord, and congratulations on being the ALCS MVP. You've worked hard to get where you are, and you are obviously respected by your organization when instead of spraying champagne, they choose to use ginger ale out of respect for the long journey you took back from addiction. You've come a long way, too - may you continue to walk with God as He unfolds His plan for your life!

Stampers (if any of you are still reading :) - thank you for reading - I promise - I'll have something else to share soon because today - maybe just for today - I HAVE FINALLY CAUGHT UP WITH MY PAPERWORK at school - (thank to Shermie for her help!) and am not so exhausted.

Now, turning off the talking heads on TV that are dissecting the win, and going back to work on a progressive layout to share... it's SPOOKY!

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