Saturday, November 6, 2010

October Club Projects

We made a really cool scrapbook layout for my October club meeting! I saw someone's awesome stained glass techniqueand thought,"Oooh, that would look cool on a scrapbook page:

Since that and the box I CASEd took a bit of time to do, we made an easy last card by adding WISH BIG from Word Play and did this:

Here is the SPOOKY box I CASEd - I let my ladies choose their own papers for the patterns - we had a lovely little collection of cool Halloween boxes!

SADLY - although I looked on my computer, I can't find the really safe place where I saved my inspiration - it is probably in the folder I've been browsing (that I need to straighten up a little) in my Stampin' folder on my computer... but it is not appearing before my eyes (SIGH) - so if someone recognizes the inspiration and wants to credit, claim or link - please feel free to comment and do so!

Have a great Saturday - my Christmas Card Stamp-a-stack begins in 40 minutes - WHOO HOO!!!!!!! Soon a room full of ladies will be making cards and watching Christmas movies together :)

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