Sunday, September 9, 2007

Showers of the Bridal sort

So yesterday was the church shower for Kari. Would have been just great, except that Kari, Katie and I were 15 minutes late.

Why? You may well ask. Since the three of us were together, we decided that it would be good to go find Katie a dress for the wedding (she's the Maid of Honor). So we hopped in my car and headed to The Mall (Ominous music here).

Katie is a dream to shop with for me - my kind of shopper - get in, find the item, and get out! Easy peasy, right????


Since we were in a bit of a hurry, of course we found nothing suitable... however, hope springs eternal, yes? There are more stores out there....more territory to cover, more dresses to browse and more gowns to try on....

I can hardly wait (lol)...another trip to...

aw, I can't say it again...

you know where!

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