Thursday, September 6, 2007

I'm pooped! I mean it - really, REALLY tired!!!!!

My foot hurts! and I am cranky (!!!) - didn't even get to watch baseball tonight - Astros had a night off (not altogether a BAD thing after last night's game - poor 'Stros - but I am still and shall always be a Fan!)...

Did I tell you the foot story? About the same foot I broke 10 years ago (well - 3 out of 5 toes of it anyway, lol) racing Bo to his recliner on Easter Sunday when we still lived in Iola....I, um, won, I guess you could say, because I collapsed into it crying after we all heard an ominous cracking sound. The x-ray revealed two breaks and a probable crack in my 2-3-4 toes on my left foot. He told me to wear the surgical shoe for 6 weeks....then two more weeks.....then two more weeks.....close to 4 months in all....ugh! LOVELY SHOE!!!!!

Well, on Labor Day, I was a laboring...putting dishes away (trying to beat Bo to it, lol) - and once again - catastrophe strikes! The cutting board (acrylic, about 3/4 inch thick, 12x12, heavier than it looks) slipped out of my damp fingers to make a two point landing on my poor left foot. It looks like - - well - -bad!

SO, I have walked on it every day at school (and my choices are????) because we had preschoolers scheduled for evaluations, and I don't like changing people's schedules - when I say I'll do it, by gum, I *mean* it! Then, tonight, my beautiful getting-married daughter and I went to The Mall (insert ominous music here). I hate The Mall (insert ominous music here). Really - I know we aren't supposed to hate...but I choose to think that God didn't mean that about....The Mall (insert ominous music here).

Her first bridal shower is Saturday...{after which we need to go find a dress for Katie - my other beautiful daughter who will be the Maid of Honour at....The Mall (insert ominous music here)}. We have no Bridal Book in which to write gifts and for attendees to, we had to find

The Mall (insert ominous music here).

It really wasn't too bad - managed to buy her a Christmas present (told her not to remember it - but really - with the wedding and all, that really won't be much of an issue, lol) AND a shower present, and, yes....a lovely Bridal Hallmark (who told her on the phone they had none of those!).

And you know - the company was excellent, we even stopped at Starbucks after - probably because I behaved so well, lol - that trip really wasn't so bad...

even if it was to...

The Mall (insert ominous music here).

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