Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I am SO excited!!!! Bo went for a job interview last week in a local school district, for an elementary lifeskills classroom - seems the teacher was resigning, but still considering whether or not she *really* wanted to or not. She took off Monday through Wednesday of this week...

So Friday night, during the Astros game, he gets a phone call on his cell - from another principal...who asked him to come in for an interview on Monday after he finished subbing. Since the 1st position was 'iffy', after discussing it with the principal he agreed...he talked to the first principal on Monday and told her and was pleased that she told him OF COURSE he had to go for that interview!

It was a good interview.

He was offered the job...on the spot!

But the way it works, is he isn't really offered the job until HR calls...which they did today...while he was subbing...obviously since he was in charge of children at the time he didn't take the call, but called back later...and accepted!

So now, I have a first year teacher in the house! Me, who've been teaching for 28 years! (well, working in education that long - been out of the classroom for 16 years!)

Suddenly I feel the urge to make a bulletin board! I'm SO proud!!!!!


Lorie said...

Hey! I have a couple of bulletin boards I have to do tomorrow...come on over! No, really...congratulations! How exciting!

Melissa said...

AH, congratulations to Bo!
Sounds like he will make a wonderful teacher!!!