Saturday, August 16, 2014


Thirty-one is making it even better to become a new consultant and begin your own business! Whether you want to generate the great extra income, or whether you just want to fulfill your bag and purse desires with the great discount, this is the time to sign up with me!

All new consultants who join Thirty-one Gifts during FALL FOR US have the opportunity to earn a FREE MEDIUM UTILITY TOTE for reaching StartSwell Level 1 ($600 in Personal Volume in days 1-30). You also can earn a full rebate on your Enrollment Kit for reaching StartSwell Levels 1 & 2 ($600 in Personal Volume during your second 30 days).

FALL FOR US starts today, August 16, and runs through September 30 only! Please email with any questions!

No questions? Just want to get to the sign up and get started?
Here's how to sign up to begin your own Thirty-One Business!!

1. Go to:

2. Click on “Become a Consultant” at the top in the toolbar.

3. Click on “Get Started” at the very bottom.

4. Choose the Fall Enrollment kit!

5. Say OK that you are enrolling under me, #77170 Nancy Keithley

6. Please download the 6 Consultant documents and check the box stating that you agree to the each agreement.

7. Click on "Continue" at the bottom.

8. If you have your first four parties booked already click the box and click on Add/Continue. If not just click on Add/Continue. Add your first four parties if applicable. Dates can be estimated.
{{Please note: It is okay if you don’t provide this information}}

9. Put in all of your personal information. The system asks you for your Social Security number because they will be sending you a commission check twice a month. Thirty-One DOES NOT take out taxes on your commission so you will need to set aside an amount to do this with at the end of the year. Please ask a tax adviser for the amount you should withhold for income taxes in your state.

10. Press Continue at the bottom of the page.

11. IMPORTANT: Select “Continue”. This will make the transaction complete and you will be given your very own Consultant Id #!

12. Watch for an email from me with tips to help get your business started, and how to contact me and get even more support!

Thirty-one is AWESOME to represent. I hope you will consider this!


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