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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Still no power, but still so blessed

Well, just a quick update here - - - we've still no power at home. HALF of he little strip of apartments behind the parsonage has power now, as well as our neighbors on our street... the remainder of the apartments and the parsonage where we live do not - it seems they are on another transformer... Bo suspects that it must be gone.

As far as the church goes - evidently there was a line DOWN... and now it's just GONE. Bo said he thought that the power company must have cut it to get it out of the way and done something to enable them to restore power to the houses on Citadel Street behind the church... so we have to wait until they can come back and fix that, too... so tomorrow we will be worshipping without benefit of electricity... that won't stop us from praising God for His mercies throughout all this.

Do I want to be home? Surely... but I have to say - my house is safe, my dogs and cat (and betta fish) are all well, I am staying in an airconditioned HOME with mom and dad and Bo where I come home to a cooked meal (that part is spoiling me, lol), and I don't have feet of mud and yuck to clean out of my house when I do get to go back home***. Yeah - it's annoying and frustrating on some levels, and I want to be in my own space, but I am so blessed and so grateful to have what I have and I know it!

***Have you SEEN what some of these poor people are having to deal with in going back home? Inches or feet of mud and debris in their house or business - and let me tell you - this stuff STINKS!!!! Belongings and mementos, family pictures, scrapbooks, etc, knocked down into this stinky mess? Plus, some of these people will be living in hotels or FEMA housing for ages! We aren't talking good clean earthy mudpies your kids can make in your back yard! Man, I am SO blessed!

1 comment:

Chrissy D said...

Nancy You are in my prayers! I hope you are doing well!