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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Baseball, hurricanes, banana bread and traffic jams

I was singing the old Chevrolet ad song when I typed that title for this post - - - you remember? Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet....

My apologies to the jingle writer, lol!

Anyway - the Astros are doing well - they started playing - I mean REALLY playing, after the All-Star break as usual :) Go 'Stros!!!!! 3 games out of the Wild Card slot....

Banana bread (yeah, I skipped the hurricane for a moment) - so my mom buys bananas.... and they never eat them all.... so she gives them to me to make banana bread (now, this is a really obscure reference... but a Christian singer who has long since gone Home to be with Jesus - Keith Green - wrote and recorded a song called, "So you wanna go back to Egypt"... anyway - one of the lines in it is "baMANNA bread" - you'd have to know the song, but it makes me chuckle anyway :) - so my mom buys bananas, as I said, gives me some that are past their prime and PERFECT for making Banana bread (or baMANNA bread, if you prefer).... so the other day I bring these home, and Bo brings them in, and the next day when I go to make the bananas!!!! I found them a couple of days later... in the freezer.... with about a dozen other bananas in packets of about 3 or so each.... Anyway, when I picked up Ava from my mom (Mamaw) today, she handed me 3 bananas that were READY! So when I got Little Bit and I in the house, I got the bananas (which had fallen off the stem, thank you, and had to be picked up from various locations in my car, garage and kitchen - I thought my load was getting lighter:) - put Ava in the little crib my granddaddy made when I was born, and rolled it in the kitchen. We had a great time, with her kind of playing with her crib toy and me singing along and mixing up the bread. I baked it as a flat cake rather than a loaf... it came out of the oven about 10 minutes before Kari and Garrett got here to pick up Ava.... it is now over half gone - guess it was ok, lol!!!

Traffic jams - when Hurricane Rita hit in 2005, Hwy 290 was backed up to a stop - people were running out of gas on the highway by the time they got to Waller (where I work, about a 40 minute drive from Houston normally) - it was really bad, and they had to open up some of our schools for shelters because people couldn't get away that way. Well, we were expecting more of the same today, but this time, people evidently actually did what the authorities asked them to. The evacuation appears to be leaving the coastal areas in an orderly way, at the times they were asked to. Traffic heading out of Houston on 290 as I drove back in to get home this afternoon was MUCH worse than normal, but it was moving. They just announced on the news that they don't need to make the contraflow lanes at this time because traffic is moving out on all the routes... awesome!!!!!! Kari and Garrett headed home to Waller via Tomball on 249 and made it in about an hour or so, so it is MUCh better than during Rita, thank God!

Back to the hurricanes... as you may know, Hurricane Ike is headed down our throats. While we are aware and prepared, and know we may lose power tomorrow, we also know that God is in charge and we will be fine. So as you pray, do remember the Texas Gulf Coast residents, the first responders, those who are foolish enough to dodge the mandatory evacuations, etc. Do pray that loss of life will be none and loss of property minimal. Pray for the elderly that have chosen not to leave their homes.

It is a serious thing, a hurricane like Ike. Many people are afraid... the young teachers at school - especially those from other areas who haven't experienced a hurricane before and are away from family - they were having a hard time with this today! Pray for them that they may be safe, and feel God's peace with them.

As for me...

"Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say...'It is well, it is well, with my soul' ".

Be well, be blessed, and if you are in the Gulf area (as we say in Texas) - Hunker down, hon and be safe!

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