Tuesday, July 31, 2007

on the road to a wedding...

So...hmmmm - never blogged before, so I am really winging it here, but then, I find myself doing that a lot these days. My baby is getting married. Yes, I am the dreaded MOB (Mother of the Bride, to the uninitiated). So the FOB and I decided that, since the Event is coming up in November, a scant 3 months from now, with all the stresses that go with, and I have to go back to work next week (I'm an educator IRL...an educational diagnostician, to be exact - sounds really FANCY doesn't it?)....to take a short vacation.

Very spur of the moment, this vacation...but that's OK. The nest is empty....the baby getting married (24, living on her own a couple of years now) and her baby sister (my other baby, known as bebe so as to not confuse, and also living on her own, going to college) are both - dear me, I'm being redundant - living on their own, going to college, working, etc... and since said nest is empty (except for the two dogs, one cat and one betta fish), we can do spur of the moment.

So, we packed our bags, snagged some sunscreen, and headed south to Galveston to see some friends, take some pictures, and just be with one another (and a cast of assorted tourists from across the world). So, be looking in a layout soon to come for some touristy photos of Galveston Island, Texas...as for me, I'm headed to bed, slightly creaky in my bones from all the walking and sun I've absorbed today (and God bless whoever came up with SPF 60), a tad depressed from watching my Astros play baseball (Bye-bye, Morgan Ensberg - do well in San Diego, I'll always be a fan! What on earth is wrong with Purpura and Garner??!??!!!?), and ready - yes, after just 2 nights - to be back home in my own bed, with the two dogs, one cat and the Betta fish, although they each sleep elsewhere, thank you, not in MY bed...and then, Thursday....I might think about scrapbooking something....maybe something touristy.....maybe something from the pictures of my sweet future SIL proposing to my baby....oh, dear....would you please pass the kleenex?

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