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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Question of the Week... Respondez-vouz, s'il vous plait :)

OK, I post a Question of the Week on my three favorite scrapbooking lists (it's a day late, but we'll all live... I needed inspiration and I just got it unexpectedly, lol! The Astros are inspiring me at the moment as they are beating the Cards the moment.... ahem!), and also got inspired to share with YOU, and see if you'd answer this one.... I'd love to know!!!!!!

HERE is your question of the week.... please leave a comment.... and tell us....
if you found a Scrapbooking Magic Lamp, and rubbed it, and the Scrapbooking Genie (fill in the name of your favorite Scrappin guru here, please) told you that she/he/it would grant you THREE SCRAPBOOKING WISHES....

what would your three scrapbooking wishes be?
(and feel free to share the name of your particular Scrapbooking Genie)

(No fair going to politically-correct-Sunday-school-type-peace-on-earth-good-will-toward-men-health-and-wealth-for-everyone-type answers.... we'll all presume that we would ALL want that first.... I'm saying - be a little selfish here... if you could have ANYTHING scrappy - what would your three wishes be - the sky's the limit!!!! Money is no object - Nothing is too big, outrageous or expensive for this QOTW....!!!!!! And if I could afford it, I'd give it to ya!)

Oh, and the score is now:
St. Louis 4
with 0 out in the 7th

GO 'STROS!!!!!!!!!

Wait - 13-4 now!!!!! OOPS - Now it's 14-4!!!!!

Let the comments begin :)
(And since I also typically share a sketch of the week with the groups, I'll try to share that with ya, too)


Dana Lea - SU Stamper! said...

I'd only use one.. I want the entire contents of the current SU catalog. I'd save the other 2 for next year!

Roberta said...

First, final score: 18-4 (i'm not an astros fan but this is amazing!)

My three wishes: 1)I would have my genie (George) take all my photos and organize them.
2)I would have George get me all the supplies that I would need to create beautiful scrapbooks for those organized photos.
3)George would bring my wonderful creative friends and fellow demos together and help create those scrapbooks!

Not too unbelievable right?!

Red Monkey Scrapper said...

Dream big, right?
1) A top of the line do-it-all printer for photos and journaling and Photoshop pro.
2) A Gypsy and all of the Cricut carts I don't currently have.
3) A scraproom make-over with a kick-butt storage wall and a 6'x6' table/storage unit to use for classroom space.