Monday, July 14, 2008

ooh, baby, baby!

Being a mom is really great... being a grandma? Well, one has to admit, mama was right - it's even better than being a parent, lol!

Here is my daddy holding Ava Kate - look at his hand next to hers...

Ava in the crib my mama's daddy made for me... my sister's kids and both my kids have all also slept in this... mama insisted on going to Things Remembered and getting a little plaque that says that Grandpa made it for me... but I really don't mind sharing with my sister's kids... and grandkids... although with Melissa having Hannah on 4-15, and then Ava Kate arriving less than 3 months later, it's a good thing for us that Mel had made other plans :)

And here is the sweet baby sleeping... she's doing less of that, but the smile makes it all worth while :)

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Catherine said...

another great pics =)