Saturday, April 19, 2008

Link to sale list added (and now removed)

I just added a link to my list of retired SU stuff for sale. It is a Microsoft Word doc that I placed on 4shared. It is checked for viruses by 4shared :)

When you click on the link (to the right near the top of the list), it takes you to 4shared, where there is a short wait, then an option to download the file.

Please be patient - it takes a few seconds to do... then, peruse the list and email me at if you 'need' any of it...

reasonable counteroffers will be considered :)

***I removed the link because some of those people I know who are 'in the know' thought that might be part of the 'bot problem... we'll see - I know that at least one person was quite vocally upset with the difficulty s/he had in downloading the file. I had it tested by my home team here and they had no problems with it...just took patience to wait for the actual download link to appear.

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