Monday, January 14, 2008

Update on goals for the week

A couple of you have emailed me and said you didn't want to post your goals on my blog - hey - mi blog es tu blog - please, feel free to post your comments, goals, etc...Comments are a good thing :)

FOR AN IDEA THAT CAN GET ANYONE to accomplish at least ONE goal this week - see the bottom of this post...


Here are my goals:

Mail swap (finished 2 sets of cards - gotta mail it) - DONE
Mail SU catalogs for 4 - DONE (times 4, lol)

Complete 2 sets of 2 8x8 pages honoring a friend who passed away (breast cancer)- pages will be given to her children
Plan TEN sets of page layouts for my scrapping group's retreat next month
Print pictures for above

ADDED: Make up the rest of the cards from Saturday's Stamp Club meeting (I always cut extras and make up those to replenish my card box :) ~ Working on this one this evening to relax! (3 sets of cards)

My idea: 15 minutes a day -
This isn't new, but maybe you haven't thought of it in a while. I carve out time to spend in the Word with God each day, and time with hubby, and to do my jobs...but we all also need time with ME...or, me-time! Me-time is NOT selfish - if you don't recharge your batteries, they'll corrode and get nasty and quit working!

Think about your day - in my case - although I am SO VERY MUCH NOT A MORNING PERSON, several years ago I started getting up just a little earlier - just a FEW minutes...and putting out what I plan to wear the night before...

That combo gave me 15 more minutes in the morning - I spend it on something crafty. Recently I had let email take over that time, but I have taken it BACK~! I power read my email by sorting it into like categories - - mainly by the name of the yahoo group they came through, or the subject line in a continuing conversation with my scrappin cult friends here in town - - and deleting some that don't apply to me. This way I can get through my 150-200 emails (multiply that times 4 a day - how often I check email) in a few minutes rather than an hour or more!!!

I also have found other 15 minute opportunities throughout my day and evening - I'm using one right now while the soup simmers to update my blog....

My morning minutes this morning were used stamping ribbon for one of the sets of cards I want to finish from my pre-cuts left over from my club last Saturday and to cut miscellaneous little pieces to make complete sets so all the numbers of pieces match up. Oh, and to stamp the background pieces with the fern stamp I used. I'll have 9 cards when I'm done in a bit - I have about 2 more sets of 15 minutes to do to finish them...and since I'm fixing to sign off my blog here, I plan to get those finished tonight or tomorrow - I'll let ya know!

Now, if I could just get a car that would drive itself out into the country to my school, I'd be able to stamp in the car, too!



Kim said...

Great ideas - you are such an inspiration on SUDEMOS.
P.S. You’ve been tagged! Please list 7 random things that folks may not know about you on your blog!
Kim in TX

Debbie said...

Great job Nancy!
I have been doing the 15 minute challenge since we did it with the Design team. Since I am a messy scrapper when I do I am finding that most of 15 minutes is cleaning up the mess I left from the last 15minutes! Oh well whats a girl to do!